Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Fall online Needlework Show

     Hope that everyone is having a great fall. It is almost time for the fall online Needlework Show! (  It runs October 20-25.  Everyone can go and see all the new designs for the designers participating.  If you find something that you like, then you can visit (roadtrip!!) or call your favorite shop so they can order it for you!  It is a way that you can see new designs and designers that you may not know about. We are also having a doorprize drawing! Have fun!

    This fall we decided to design a piece that shows our fasination with all the beautiful colors and shapes of pumpkins!  Pumpkins are a big thing here in North Carolina with all the kindergarten children making trips to the pumpkin farm to select their very own pumpkin and to ride on the hay wagon.  Such a fun trip for everyone!

Christmas Biscornu

This small elegant biscornu is a fast stitch and the perfect little gift for that special stitcher in your life.  Stitched in red on the front and green on the back,  it looks just like the Christmas season but the colors can be changed to fit your own taste.  All the stitching instructions are included with the chart.  We were able to stitch it up and finish it in a weekend-so plenly of time to make several before the holidays!

Take care and we will be in touch--we have pictures from the Cleveland County Fair!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

TNNA Fall Show in Baltimore

Pam & Susan

We are finally home after being gone a week.  But what a week!! We had the most fun with all the people there!!  We made many new friends and saw so many of our old friends.  And yes we did make complete fools of ourselves!  We dressed up as pinque pirates--pink hair, swords and hats!  We made everyone looking for treasure by following the treasure map that we had created on the floor!  We had a few that had to be run through(Pam's Husband)  however most people were very compliant once we showed our swords! We had several people tell us that they had to come back several times because of the "party" we were having! 
We also made you some pics of our showroom at Baltimore.  That way you can see part of it for yourself!

It was such fun--we only wish that you could have been there with us!  There so many wonderful designers and new items that it would be too hard to tell them all--we would be afraid that we would miss something or someone!  It was just fantastic!

Check your local shop and see what they have brought home from market! 
You just won't believe all the new things--we couldn't get around to see it all!
Keep Stitching!!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

New designs for the Fall Needlework Show in Baltimore!

Ravenmoon Hall
The next in our series of haunted houses! The children are arriving and the party is starting, but wait! Who is that in the upstairs and what is going on in the attic? Looks like there maybe more tricks than treats this night!

The Secrets of the Nereid

The second in the Seafarer's Valentine series, the Secrets of the Nereid features a stitched tray that makes a false bottom (secret compartment) in the Seeafarer's Valentine box.  It has a large silk pocket that is the ideal place for those love letters or stitching stash!
The last part will be out in Feburary.

Monday, July 18, 2011

New Designs for Baltimore

Hi all!
We are frantically getting ready to go to Baltimore for the fall show.  We are going to have the next part of our Seafarer's Valentine design called Secrets of the Nereid.  This part of the design will make a "secret" compartment for  the bottom of the box.  It features the captain's wife waving to her husband in the distance.

 We will have a new Halloween design-Ravenmoon Hall.  Spooky and fun this design has been a delightful piece to stitch.  It has gone so quickly!
Will load pictures soon!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Sandcastle Bay

Sandcastle Bay is the latest in the Down the Lane series (#8).  It is summer and everyone has packed up the kids and  dogs with a picnic lunch, pails and toys to visit the beach.  It is a visit to a more simple, carefree time.  Remember the waves dancing at your feet and the sun warm against your skin?   

Sandcastle Bay will be released at the Columbus Show in June  2011.

Email us and let us know why you need a copy of this chart.  Best answer will get a free copy of  Sandcastle Bay!  We will accept answers through June 15.
Happy stitching!
Pam & Susan

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Simple Gifts--Faith

We are so excited that the new issue of Sampler Antique Needlework Quaterly (Summer 2011) is here!  Our new quaker design is in it!! Simple Gifts--Faith the latest in that series.   We hope that you will take the time to grab a copy to stitch!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Online Needlework Show Starts!!

Le Jardin de Lapin is our other new design. A smaller design that is full of interesting details. This cute little piece has a little story behind it! My husband did not like the name that we had picked out--several names actually. So Susan and I decieded that this name would be elegant and yet the first name that we choose--but in French. So there! Le jardin de Lapin. (Bunny Garden). It has been so much fun to stitch!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Seafarer's Valentine

The Seafarer’s Valentine is a box styled after the antique Sailor’s Valentines
that were given by
sea captains to
their wives and

It is stitched on top and on the inside there are 4 pockets for threads
and miscellaneous needlework items.

This is the first of a three part series. This will also feature a series of “letters” that we will be posting on our blog between the sea captain and his wife.
These will be included in piece as well.

We included complete stitching, box construction and finishing instructions.

Garden Party Sweets

The Garden Party Sweets kit is a deliciously sinful treat! It includes all the materials for a sweet flower pincushion resting on a delightful cupcake holder insect. There is a matching scissor fob/flower needle book & bird stitch counter. 

Saturday, January 15, 2011

New for

Here are the first pictures of our new designs. This one of our kits we will have available.

Wonderfully Wicked Whimsies Kit

This adorable kit features a Haunted House needlebook complete with a felt ghost needle rest inside. The back has a ruched ribbon decoration with a spooky stitch counter. There is also a pumpkin pincushion, a beaded spider thread holder, a 2-sided pin disc, a beaded scissor fob (scissors not included) & lastly a skeletal slide tin that has a creepy surprise inside. Available at the 2011 Nashville Show.

There will be a limited number of the these kits. When they are gone---well, they have gone.