Thursday, September 20, 2012

Trunk show at the Craft Gallery

 Road Trip!

There is a trunk show of our models amd charts going on at the Craft Gallery in Finley, Ohio.  Paula and Carlton Fruth are the owners and have been in business over 30 years.  Susan's sister Barbara and neice Beth have been ther and they just love the shop and all the help. 

Here is a picture of our models and charts that they sent us.

 They even sent a picture of one of the shop models that was stitched on an opalscent aida (14ct).  it is so cool! We love to see when people are making things their own!
So if you are in the area please drop in to visit Paula and Carlton.  They are always so helpful and  fun!  Watch Carlton-he has a wicked sense of humor!!!   This sounds like a ROAD TRIP!!

Happy Sttiching!
Pam & Susan

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Baltimore Tnna show

Here is out room in Baltimore!
 I know we are a little slow in getting everything posted, but we have been so busy since we got home!

Here you can see some of our Halloween designs.

Can you see some of the
Christmas pieces on
 This is sweep of the other side of the room--You can see Santa's Midnight Flight.

Here are some of our other pieces, the Quakers, Love Everlasting and others.
We had so much fun at Baltimore!  Wish that you could have been there too!!
We sold out of the Halloween Stackers so ifyou want one you need to find a shop near you that has bought them!  We still have some of the O Tannenbaum Etui, but they are going fast as well!