Letters from a Seafarer and his Wife

My Dearest Husband,

I am sorry that I could not watch you leave from the dock this morn. Although it seems irrational, I could not see that Ship seem to swallow you up as it has swallowed up the years and months that we have been apart. Did you see me from the Walk? I lingered there waving at your ship until the sails were long past the horizon.

The children miss you greatly. They ask every day if today is the day that you will
be home. I try to explain that it will be at least a year before your are here
again, but end up just saying "not today".

Come Home soon.
                            Your loving wife,

Dearest Wife,
 We have a good wind and the seas are gentle, but there are clouds on the horizon.  I fear that we shall have a storm before the day is over tomorrow.  If the weather is good then we should make the East in 4-5 months. 

There are several new crew members on this trip.  I have not spoken to them since we disembarked, my Mate has taken note of them and is watching to make sure that they are doing as I would like.  It is always taking a chance taking on those that you do not know well in these close quarters.

It has been only few hours and I have begun to feel the weight of the loneliness begin to pull at me. I miss your sweet smile and beautiful heart.  I even miss the bickering of the children.  I am grateful for you and your acceptence of my profession.  It takes me away so much and I am glad that you are so strong.  Keep well my love.

Affectionately yours,

Dear Husband,
     I hope this finds you well.  I have a surprise for you.  We are expecting another child. I hope that you are pleased.  The babe should be here before you return home in the very early summer.  Do you have thoughts about names? 

     The children are doing as well as can be expected during this harsh winter.  Marcus and William have had the croupe for the last few days.  Sadiedoes not seem to be much affected by the illness going around.  Little Maggie is the one that I am fearful for as she cannot seem to get over the last cold that she had.  Katrina Jones little boy is sick too.  They say that he has the influenza and our Little Maggie was at his house last week playing with him.  I am just so afraid that she may surcome to that disease. 

     I have knitted you a new sweater and some socks.  I hope that you are warm and safe.  Our winter has been very cold and much more snow and ice than is usual.  The paths about town are horrible with ice.  Old Man Potter fell and broke his leg on the path to the meeting house.  They are not use that he will be able to walk well even when it is healed. 

    The children miss you terribly as do I.  The days are busy and seem to fly by, but the nights are so very long.  Come home soon.

Your loving Cordelia