Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Forgot to mention that we are having a contest thru the Needlework Show.  We are giving away to 3 winners 1 each of the 2 new ornaments!  So go by and get your name in the Hat!
Happy Stitching!
 Pam & Susan

Needlework Show starts tomorrow!

Tomorrow, Thursday , October 18th, is the beginning of the online Needlework Show!  ( We have 2 new design for this show.  The first is an ornament called Glad Tidings. All the finishing instructions are included!

Glad Tidings

The second ornament is called Christmas Sleigh Ride.  It is a part of our Down the Lane series. All the finishing instructions are included.
  Hope that you will take time to visit the Needlework Show. (You can even visit in your pjs!) Then you can call (or  take the time for a visit-YEAH)  your local shop to place an order. I cna't wait to see what everyone has to offer!
Happy Stitching!
Pam & Susan   

Monday, October 15, 2012

Cross Stitch Pal Retreat, Myrtle Beach, SC here we come!!

       We are getting ready to head south to Myrtle Beach for the Cross Stitch Pals Retreat!  We plan to get there on Thursday evening.  We just can't wait to see all these wild and crazy stitching ladies.  We will fit right in with all the wild and crazies! 
     We do plan to have a few suprises with us for everyone and we are bringing models, chocolate  (and More) so be prepared!  Are you going?  

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Trunk show at the Craft Gallery

 Road Trip!

There is a trunk show of our models amd charts going on at the Craft Gallery in Finley, Ohio.  Paula and Carlton Fruth are the owners and have been in business over 30 years.  Susan's sister Barbara and neice Beth have been ther and they just love the shop and all the help. 

Here is a picture of our models and charts that they sent us.

 They even sent a picture of one of the shop models that was stitched on an opalscent aida (14ct).  it is so cool! We love to see when people are making things their own!
So if you are in the area please drop in to visit Paula and Carlton.  They are always so helpful and  fun!  Watch Carlton-he has a wicked sense of humor!!!   This sounds like a ROAD TRIP!!

Happy Sttiching!
Pam & Susan

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Baltimore Tnna show

Here is out room in Baltimore!
 I know we are a little slow in getting everything posted, but we have been so busy since we got home!

Here you can see some of our Halloween designs.

Can you see some of the
Christmas pieces on
 This is sweep of the other side of the room--You can see Santa's Midnight Flight.

Here are some of our other pieces, the Quakers, Love Everlasting and others.
We had so much fun at Baltimore!  Wish that you could have been there too!!
We sold out of the Halloween Stackers so ifyou want one you need to find a shop near you that has bought them!  We still have some of the O Tannenbaum Etui, but they are going fast as well!

Friday, August 31, 2012

New designs for the Baltimore Show!

      There is a new haunted house design for Baltimore! Croaking Toad Manor is the perfect chart for the fall! You can tell there is mischief about at the manor. There are ghosts, bats, even a monster or two about! But take a closer look at the trouble maker at the pond—it’s a tiny toad with a purple hat. Could he be the one behind all the shenanigans?

 It’s time for Santa’s Midnight Flight! This new design features Santa and his reindeer as they cross the sky with a sleeping Victorian town down below. Elves decorate the town’s Christmas tree while someone is leaning out to see the magic!

We have 2 new kits for Baltimore! O Tannenbaum Etui is a limited edition kit. (Only 180) This kit features a scissor sheath/needle book embellished with Christmas motifs, a 2-sided tiny thimble purse, a tiny pyncushion, and scissor fob. Also included is a clear green tree shaped sewing box. And once everything is stitched, every piece fits back into the etui. Materials used include cotton floss, reproduction calicos, Weeks wool, satin ribbons, beads, Irish linen (6 x 10), beads, etc. All materials and complete finishing instructions are included.

          And just wait till you see the little goodie that we have at the Make-it, Take-it event on Friday nite! This little scissor sheath can hang around your neck or add to our sewing box!   It is the perfect accessory for Halloween season!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Simple Gifts-Faith

Simple Gifts-Faith is our newest design! It is being released for the Columbus market. Like many other stitchers, we love the designs and motifs of the Quaker samplers. North Carolina was an the site of early settlement of the Society of Friends. My Dad visited a Meeting House back about 1920 with his grandfather. It stayed with him all his life. We hope that you will enjoy this sampler and ...what it means--Faith in God, family and friends. It is an intreigal part of our lives.

our next Quaker piece will be released at Nashville 2013. Simple Gifts -Courage. It is our tribute for those fight against breast cancer. Part of those proceeds will be donated to cnacer research. (more details as we get closer to publication)

Friday, April 20, 2012

New Designs for the Online Needlework Show

 There Is A  Season is one of our new designs for the online Needlework Show. (  We are really excited about the piece.  It could be stitched as a whole or as individual ones.  It has been so much fun to stitch!

We are giving away 3 copies of this chart.  Details are on the Needlework Show website!

Our other new piece is called Love Everlasting . Susan and her husband have been celebrating 35 years of marriage (now almost 36 years) and Everett and I are celebrating 35 years in May.  So we decided to make a sampler that would be extra special.  There is an adaptation of a quote from Emerson as the verse.  We have included the alphabet and lots of doodle chart room to personalize it. 

And for our blog followers we are going to give away 2 copies of this chart -Love Everalsting -when you email us!  So let us hear from you!!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Nashville 2012

It was such a fun market!  Here is a picture of Susan in front of our door.  Yes, everything is PINK! Pink flowers and butterflies and hearts--it is all pink.

Here is a picture of our sweet friend Clara, from The Stitching Parlor.  She is standing in front of her wonderful designs!

We made some pictures of the layout in our room --our shop away from home! 
Here is  one side of the room with our new designs in the front left.  Hard to tell becasue the lights were so bright!  You can see the Seafarer's Vaentine box displayed  on the right. 

Here are some of the Halloween designs that we have.  The others are on display in the window of our room.  You can see the backs of the pieces at the top of the photo.
Here we are in front of everything.  Even we look pink in this light!! 

We had such a wonderful time and we met so many friends and made new ones!  Several of the designers that are usually at show were not able to be there either because of illness or a death in the family.  We really missed them.
Now everything is  back home.  We are busy filling orders,  designing and sititching new pieces.  Just wait until you see the new deisgns!  Did we say that one is a new haunted house

Happy Stitching!
Pam and Susan

Saturday, February 18, 2012

More pictures for Nashville 2012

Quaker Pynkeep Necklace
This is one side of the sweet little pincushion necklace kit that we are offeriung at the Make It, Take It event on Frisday nite.  It is a compliment to the Simple Gifts Heart kit.  The shop owners that are there will learn how to make this little jewel and have the opportunity to purchase the kits.This would make a great one nite group project!

Winter Treats is a chart that comes with the frame.  The frames are available for as long as they last.  We only have about 140 of them.  Would make a great teacher or friend gift.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

New Designs for Nashville 2012

Simple Gifts-Hearts is our new limited edition kit. This kit features a needle roll, a 2-sided tiny thimble purse, an emery, an ort pocket, pyncushion and scissor fob. Also included is a clear pink or red heart sewing box. Materials used include floss, silk, reproduction calicos, charmuse, satin ribbon, beads, linen, beads, charms etc.

All materials and complete finishing instructions are included.

There are only 170 of these. So if you want want one let your shop owners know now!
The Mermaid Love Tokens is the last in the Sailor’s Valentine series. . These smalls include a sweet needlebook that is shaped like a clam shell that is embellished with metallic threads, sequins, beads and is lined with silk. There are also beads and matching wool for needles inside. This set has a mermaid scissor sheath, a starfish pincushion, a Triton stitch counter and fish emery- plus all the beads to make your own fishy scissor fob! We included complete stitching and finishing instructions.

Winter at Beacon House is the 7th in our Down the Lane series. It is the first snow in Shepherd's Way and there is much laughing and sledding.  The perfect hill is just below the light house by the bay.  Look! There is a boat in the bay.  The moon is out and even the puppies are getting into the fun!