Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Nashville 2016 part 2

Here is part 2 of our Nashville offerings. These are 2 limited edition kits.   All the materials are included. The Spider spool measure is a little hard to see since it is all closed up, but it is a actual 3 inch measure-1 black cat, 2 spooky pumpkins and 2 batty bats!  I was such fun to stitch 
Creepy Casket Etui
    The Letters to Santa includes the envelope to stash the small things in and the letter/pincushion says it all -on one side  " Dear Santa, I have been a good girl.  I made you cookies." While on the other side is "PS--I can explain Everything!"  Just a lot of whimsie and fun!

                                                                Letters to Santa

Well we have one more piece tha near and dear to our hearts that we will be posting very soon. Keep Stitchin!!
Pam & Susan

Saturday, February 20, 2016

New Designs for Nashville 2016 part 1

Hi! hope that you are doing well so far this year.  We are busy getting ready for Nashville-it is a very hectic time here! We wanted to show you a few of our new designs that we will offering.  The first is called A Churchyard Christmas.

     It's the children's churchyard nativity and all is not well. Halos are crooked, crowns are bent and some of the camels have escaped! After all the years of helping with the children's Christmas programs, we decided to share some of our favorite memories with you in our design! We hope that you will enjoy our new chart.Watch out for those runaway camels!

Say Boo! Scissor Fob kit is a small, sweet kit that will be the perfect addition to your Halloween smalls.(Only 300)

Rudi & Friend Scissor Fob Kit is a darling fob kit.  All materials are included. (Only 300)

We will be posting more in the next day or two so  stay tuned!
Happy Stitching!
Pam & Susan

Nashville 2016

Nashville is soon upon us and we are busy getting everything done! We will be posting here later today some of our new designs that we will be featuring.  So stay tuned!