Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A quick word about an opportunity!
For those that did not get to purchase the Tiny Pumpkin Etui (pictured above)--we have been given the chance to purchase 100 of the pumpkin containers. So we are able to put together 100 of the kits! We are selling these for as long as that they last. We will start shipment to shops within the week. Shops need to let us know ASAP what they would like before they are gone. Stitchers need to let their shops know if they are interested because they will not last long!
Keep in touch! We will posting the new designs for the online Needlework Show starting next week! The show starts October 21!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

New designs, new projects and a crazy summer!

It has been a crazy summer here in Dallas, NC! Susan and I have worked and stitched all summer and still we feel like we are running backwards!

Do you remember in school the essay you always wrote " What I did on my summer vacation" Well, I am going to try explain a little bit of what we did this summer.

This summer started out with great promise as Susan and I and our husbands went to the beach for 4 days. It was wonderful, quiet and we were able to stitch, design and just enjoy the time. Things went crazy from there. We should have known it wouldn't last!
We had to finish 2 designs for magazines. ( I never realized that they had to be in so many months in advance!) One was for Just Cross Stitch and One was for the Sampler Antique Needlework Quarterly. They should be out this winter, but we had to finish them by the end of June!

We also finished up a piece that we will be using for teaching retreats. It is a lined basket. It is a Adam and Eve motif. It will have smalls and features many fun stitches. It is called The Days of Creation. We will be teaching this in May 2011 at The New England Stitcher's retreat. I think that there are still a few places left if you are interested in going to such a neat place. It is being held at the Enfield Shaker Museum. Iam listing here the link if you want to take a peek.

We have just finished a new design to be realeased at the St Charles market. It is such a fun design!! It is called The Buzzard's Roost Inn.

This design was conceived on a trip when we went through the town of Buzzard's Roost! In our talking we wondered what it would be like staying at an inn in the town during the Halloween season many years ago. Thus the design was born. Now if you do decied to check in to the Inn, please be careful what room you ask for. Some of the rooms look to already have occupants!
We will also have some new designs for the online Needlework Show. It starts on October 21st. Some of the ones to be looking for are: Snowflake Ballet, Pumpkins for Sale and Peppermint Christmas. We will putting up the pictures as soon as they some back from the finisher and the framer.
(Here is the link: Remember that you can always go on line to the show, then ask your local shop to order your newest stash enhancement!)
As to all the other things that kept us busy this summer, I helped remodel my late mother-in-law's house so that it can be rented. I am still working on cleaning all the stuff out and painting everything that doesn't move. My husband is an only child and his mother saved EVERYTHING. (We even had his old diapers!!) To say the least it has been a challenge.
Susan has been taking care of family all summer. Her mother who is in declining health is living with her, then she had her sister who is out of work for about 2 months (in her small house). Then her son-in-law received his first church in June and she helped with the move keeping the 18 month and 9 year old children. Did I mention that they drove back and forth from their house--2 hours 1 way--to help out? She went back to work with the kindergarderners in the middle of August.
We will try to do better keeping you posted!