Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Forgot to mention that we are having a contest thru the Needlework Show.  We are giving away to 3 winners 1 each of the 2 new ornaments!  So go by and get your name in the Hat!
Happy Stitching!
 Pam & Susan

Needlework Show starts tomorrow!

Tomorrow, Thursday , October 18th, is the beginning of the online Needlework Show!  ( We have 2 new design for this show.  The first is an ornament called Glad Tidings. All the finishing instructions are included!

Glad Tidings

The second ornament is called Christmas Sleigh Ride.  It is a part of our Down the Lane series. All the finishing instructions are included.
  Hope that you will take time to visit the Needlework Show. (You can even visit in your pjs!) Then you can call (or  take the time for a visit-YEAH)  your local shop to place an order. I cna't wait to see what everyone has to offer!
Happy Stitching!
Pam & Susan   

Monday, October 15, 2012

Cross Stitch Pal Retreat, Myrtle Beach, SC here we come!!

       We are getting ready to head south to Myrtle Beach for the Cross Stitch Pals Retreat!  We plan to get there on Thursday evening.  We just can't wait to see all these wild and crazy stitching ladies.  We will fit right in with all the wild and crazies! 
     We do plan to have a few suprises with us for everyone and we are bringing models, chocolate  (and More) so be prepared!  Are you going?