Wednesday, August 17, 2011

TNNA Fall Show in Baltimore

Pam & Susan

We are finally home after being gone a week.  But what a week!! We had the most fun with all the people there!!  We made many new friends and saw so many of our old friends.  And yes we did make complete fools of ourselves!  We dressed up as pinque pirates--pink hair, swords and hats!  We made everyone looking for treasure by following the treasure map that we had created on the floor!  We had a few that had to be run through(Pam's Husband)  however most people were very compliant once we showed our swords! We had several people tell us that they had to come back several times because of the "party" we were having! 
We also made you some pics of our showroom at Baltimore.  That way you can see part of it for yourself!

It was such fun--we only wish that you could have been there with us!  There so many wonderful designers and new items that it would be too hard to tell them all--we would be afraid that we would miss something or someone!  It was just fantastic!

Check your local shop and see what they have brought home from market! 
You just won't believe all the new things--we couldn't get around to see it all!
Keep Stitching!!

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natalysneedle said...

Your costumes are so fun! Love the mermaides but I think Pinque pirates have it!