Thursday, March 23, 2017

As you know we are teaching at the Needle Arts Festival in Williamsburg this coming December. We are teaching a delightful Christmas Quaker Needleroll. The pictures of our project will be coming very soon! But until then here is a sneak peak of the needle roll in progress.

We just learned that if you register by March 31 you will get $100 off your registration!! The link is . If you have been thinking about taking a class, then sign up by March 31st and save that money! (For more stash of course!)
 But until then here is a sneak peak of the needle roll in progress.
Happy Stitching!
Pam & Susan

Monday, February 13, 2017

New Designs for Nashville 2017

We hope that everyone has had a great start to the new year.  We have been busy creating new designs.  These will debut at the Nashville Market in March.  Make sure that you get your new goodies by contacting your local shop to place your order!
 M'Lady's Posey Necklace
is  a small kit that will be the perfect addition to your sewing accessories!
is a limited edition kit. This sweet Witch Owl is mounted on a black tin as pincushion and includes adorable smalls.  The tin is lined with a band of cute Halloween creatures.  Smalls feature a flying cat thread winder, a jack-o-lantern stitch counter, the cutest owl scissor fob and a tiny trick or treat bag thimble holder.
 December Snow          
You've arrived just in time for the town's Christmas Eve Snowman Contest!  The children have dressed all shapes and sizes of snowmen hoping to win a prize.  While you are waiting you can take a sleigh ride or go skating on the pond.  You can even get a cup of hot cocoa if you want!  Don't look now but a snowball fight has started!  But everyone better watch out-because Santa is on his way!
 Sale at the Bubbling Cauldron
There's Moonlight Madness Sale at the Bubbling Cauldron tonight!!   Come and get your new flying brooms, snake eggs, love potions, magic cauldrons and croaking toads.  Love Potion supplies are limited!! Make sure to come early before the crowd carries all of the bargains away! 
 Rook’s Feast
Fall has brought a wonderful harvest in the garden and Mr. Rook has been picking out his favorite foods! Pompion (the colonial word for Pumpkin), Squash and Maize are first on his list of goodies in which to indulge!  May your own harvest of love and blessings be overflowing!
  Hooray for the Red White and Blue
Fireworks and cookouts; parades and sparklers-it's always inspiring and fun. We hope that you will enjoy celebrating the 4th of July with this small bit of celebration too!

We hope that you will enjoy these fun designs!!
Happy Stitching!
Pam & Susan

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

New Halloween House-Bump N.D'Knight Farm and a new Kit!

Bump N. D'Knight Farm

         There are strange things happening at the D'Knight's Farm.  There are loud noises, moans, and scratching sounds coming from the barn! Where are all the farm animals?  Did you see the ghosts peeping out from the windows of the farmhouse?  And who is that looking out the window of the attic?  There is much mischief afoot at the farm tonight-come and see if you can make sense of everything.  But beware-there is still something or someone going bump in the night!
This is coming out at the Norden Craft online Show in August! Start looking for this chart at your local shop!
Also be looking for our latest limited edition kit! It is called A Spider's Sewing Trifle. There are only 200 of these so get yours early!
Happy Stitching!
Pam & Susan

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Memorial Park is our newest addition to the Down The Lane series!  It's spring and the whole town has turned out to cheer their teams for the first game of the season!  The wooden stands are packed and there are children sitting in wagons,  and on fences.  Even the dog is in the outfield ready to catch on of the balls on the fly! Can't you just smell the peanuts, popcorn and hotdogs? It's time to play ball!

Happy Stitching!
Pam & Susan

There is a new Halloween House coming in August--stay tuned!


Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Nashville part 3

Simple Grifts-Grace is our newest Quaker design. Stitched in shades of purple-Abby's favorite color, Simple Gifts-Grace is dedicated to Abbey Grace-a wonderful little girl with a joyful exuberance for life and all its wonders.  She is fighting a battle with Sanfilippo Syndrome. 

20% of our profits of this chart are being donated to the Abby Grace Foundation. You can find more about her at the or you can see her on facebook. 

100% of all donations collected at the Abby Grace Foundation go to the research for a cure for Sanfilippo Syndrome.

Happy Stitching!
Pam & Susan

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Nashville 2016 part 2

Here is part 2 of our Nashville offerings. These are 2 limited edition kits.   All the materials are included. The Spider spool measure is a little hard to see since it is all closed up, but it is a actual 3 inch measure-1 black cat, 2 spooky pumpkins and 2 batty bats!  I was such fun to stitch 
Creepy Casket Etui
    The Letters to Santa includes the envelope to stash the small things in and the letter/pincushion says it all -on one side  " Dear Santa, I have been a good girl.  I made you cookies." While on the other side is "PS--I can explain Everything!"  Just a lot of whimsie and fun!

                                                                Letters to Santa

Well we have one more piece tha near and dear to our hearts that we will be posting very soon. Keep Stitchin!!
Pam & Susan

Saturday, February 20, 2016

New Designs for Nashville 2016 part 1

Hi! hope that you are doing well so far this year.  We are busy getting ready for Nashville-it is a very hectic time here! We wanted to show you a few of our new designs that we will offering.  The first is called A Churchyard Christmas.

     It's the children's churchyard nativity and all is not well. Halos are crooked, crowns are bent and some of the camels have escaped! After all the years of helping with the children's Christmas programs, we decided to share some of our favorite memories with you in our design! We hope that you will enjoy our new chart.Watch out for those runaway camels!

Say Boo! Scissor Fob kit is a small, sweet kit that will be the perfect addition to your Halloween smalls.(Only 300)

Rudi & Friend Scissor Fob Kit is a darling fob kit.  All materials are included. (Only 300)

We will be posting more in the next day or two so  stay tuned!
Happy Stitching!
Pam & Susan

Nashville 2016

Nashville is soon upon us and we are busy getting everything done! We will be posting here later today some of our new designs that we will be featuring.  So stay tuned!