Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all of you!  We hope that this season will bring you joy and peace in the middle of the all the strife of this world.   Pray for those who are hurting right now and love your family with abandon.   God bless you.
And yes we are working on new designs!
Happy Stitching!
Pam & Susan

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

New designs for August!

We hope that you have had a wonderful summer and are ready for the holiday stitching!  We have some new designs that are available for the Norden Craft Fall online show.  So get ready to stitch!

This is one of our new limited edition scissor fobs called Angel Blessings.  All materials are included.

This one is called Spider's Spell. These are a fast stitch and lots of fun to do!

And here our the newest Halloween house! 

Seedy Pumpkin Cottage
The party at the spooky Seedy Pumpkin Cottage is just getting started! Look-do you see the ghosts appearing to dance?  The cats are quietly slipping out to start the singing and even the bats are swooping low to see all of the shenanigans!  It's the night of the Jack-O'-Lantern Moon and the mischief has begun!  Did you see those scary pumpkins start glowing? It's time to celebrate!

Happy Stitching!!
Pam & Susan

May Flower Etui


May Flower Etui.
The finished design features Quaker motifs on a flower-shaped etui that uses a ribbon drawstring to close.  There is a bird shaped needlebook & thimble holder, a bee scissor fob and a pincushion center of the etui. Quakers were inspired by nature and their designs had all types of natural elements in them.  This sweet etui & smalls are fast and satisfying stitch. While looking impressive, in reality the pieces are simple to finish with step-by-step instructions. If you can trace a line, then sew on the line you trace, then you can make this!
 These pictures show the inside of the etui when it is opened up,  the Thimble bird and the Bee Fob.
Happy Stitching!
Pam & Susan

Monday, February 23, 2015

New Designs for Nashville 2015

 Simple Gifts-Christmas is our newest Quaker. It features three colors rather than the 2 we usually use.  It contains words that we associate with the season.  
Dancing in the Moonlight is a smaller addition to our Halloween family.  The skeletons are having a fun celebration in the cemetery-complete with top hats and canes!
Going to Grandma's is a picture of Christmas at Grandma's house-a time of fun, food and games.  Look even Santa and Rudolph have come!
Frankie & Friends Sewing Box is a limited edition kit.  (220) It has a magnetic spider needle minder & scissor keep.  A Ghost emery, a caldron ort container, mummy needle book, trick or treat  purse, haunted stitch counter and a Frankie thimble holder.
Le Petit Etui Noel (Little Christmas Box) is a limited edition kit (200) that includes, a Santa & Rudolph needle book, poinsettia thimble purse, a magnetic bell needle minder, a Santa/Snowman pincube, a snowball stitch counter, snowflake emery & snowman thread winder.  Although you can't see all the sides of the pieces, other motifs include candy canes, reindeer, & wreathes.  The tines that everything comes in have either a Santa or a snowman on the front.
Let it snow Fob kit is a limited edition  kit (300) that includes everything that is seen here-except the batting to stuff the stitching!
The Steppin' Out Fob Kit is a limited edition kit (300) that includes everything that you see here to make the fob except the batting.
Snowman Sparkle Ornament Kit is a limited edition kit (200).  It has everything to make the ornament.  The frame is included and comes in white or blue. 
Check with your local shop to get them to reserve your favorites!
Happy Stitching!
Pam & Susan




Monday, August 18, 2014

Darkwing Manor-our new Halloween House is here!

It is here!  Darkwing Manor is now available!!

There are bats in the belfry-and are there bats in the house too?! There all sorts of surprises in this fun piece. See the blue ghost peeping out at you, and the tiny monster in the window? These are just the start of all the many other surprises are waiting for those that dare to visit this house for tricks and treats this Halloween!
We hope that you will enjoy stitching this batty adventure!
Happy Stitching!
Pam & Susan

Friday, February 7, 2014

New Designs for Nashville 2014!

 Simple Gifts- Peace is the latest in our Quaker series and it holds a special place in our hearts.  With this chart we are honoring those who have served in the military and returned home with physical and psychological injuries. As part of our commitment to this, we are donating 20% of all the profits from this chart to the Wounded Warrior Project.  By donating to the WWP, we hope that this will help all of those who have fought to keep us free.
This delightful Halloween Frights Treat Box Kit is also a limited edition kit (Only 200).  We have 4 different tins with the same cute smalls.  The different tins feature a ghost, black cat, Frankie and pumpkin.  The smalls are designed to go with all of the tins equally well.  The tin is lined and has pockets lining the bottom and complete with an embroidered spider web in the lid.  There is a little scissor sheath embellished with beads, a Frankenstein needle book, stitch counter, a plastic coffin ort container, beads to make the scissor fob, and a pumpkin pyncushion.  Materials used include cotton floss, calicos, felt, satin ribbons, beads, 3 pieces of linen, beads, charms, etc. All materials and complete finishing instructions are included.  
  Posey Minder Pynchusion is a darling pyncushion that is mounted on a magnetic frame.  It has a tiny butterfly stitch counter with as well.  It is the perfect piece that can attach to those magnetic boards and sewing machines. (Only 300)
The Snow Crystal Scissor Fob is a small, sweet limited edition kit that will be the perfect addition to the Snow Crystal Huswif Kit! (Only 300)  

 Snow Crystal Huswif Kit is a limited edition kit.  (Only 200)  This kit features a cute snowman covered tin.  The Huswif folds and ties closed so that all the goodies stay in place. The little scissor purse is embellished with sparkly tinsel handle feature a snowman on the front. There is a snowman needle book, stitch counter and a biscornu pyncushion.  Materials used include cotton floss, calicos, charmuse, felt, satin ribbons, beads, linen (10 x 11), beads, charms, etc. All materials and complete finishing instructions are included.

Carols on the Square
It’s the town’s Christmas Eve celebration and it is already underway!  See the snow is falling- the skaters are flying round and round the pond while the carolers are singing all their favorite carols!  Everyone will be thrilled to see Santa and his reindeers appear!  Look! Can you see Rudolph is in the lead?  It is the perfect Christmas night!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Trick or Treat-a new Down the Lane design!

     We have a new design in our Down the Lane Series!! It is called Trick or Treat.  It is stitched on 28ct Vintage Winter Sky from Lakeside Linens with floss from A Gentle Art, Weeks Dye Works and metallic floss from DMC.  We also use Mill Hill beads and buttons from Just Another Button Company!      Remember when you went out to trick or treat? We would get dressed in what we could find in Mom's closet and the sewing scrap bag. It was so much fun-it was such a innocent time. My sisters and I would walk in the twilight and feel so brave to be out!  Our biggest worry was the neighbor's dog.  Stitch and dream of those special days from long ago!

Happy Stitching!
Pam & Susan

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Widow Black's B & B --Our new design for the Fall TNNA Market

Widow Black's B & B is our newest haunted house! It is just a fun design to stitch! Widow Black is opening her parlor--uh bed and breakfast in our Halloween Village. She is inviting guests to parlor for a cup of her special tea! She has a few long time guests that are just wrapped up in all the comings and goings of the house. Some of them just linger and...linger!

Be sure to add Widow Black's B & B to your Halloween Treats--but don't allow her to entice you in to her Parlor!

Happy Stitching!
Pam & Susan